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About Us

This site was inspired by my experiences, and all the time and effort that I put in researching products and information that would improve my resistance, and build up my mental and physical strength.

As soon as I started to research products and information, and made some real changes to my diet using these products, I began to feel more empowered and proactive.

I am a survivor!!  I have proved this time and time again, starting from as a little baby and being diagnosed with blood clots in the brain. My parents were told by the wonderful doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London that my survival didn't look hopeful, and if I did survive the many operations that I would more than likely be severely brain damaged.  Fortunately, nobody told me!  After lots of experimental surgery I battled through, and here I am bright as a button with an extremely active brain.  My thanks to all the wonderful people at Great Ormond Street Hospital for all that they did for me so many years ago. I am the result of an experiment that went right!

My family moved to Australia as I approached my teens and I had long forgotten my early battle for life and continued with joy of living.  Extremely independent, I left home at 16 years of age and later went to College and continued my education as an independent mature age student ... here in Australia that is only over 18 years of age.  I acquired qualifications to teach the intellectually handicapped and worked happily in that field for several years.  In those days the work was hard, but I took great joy in the subtle growth of my students.  It wasn't until some time later that I realised that I could have been one of those students myself if not for the success of my operations as an infant.  

It was just prior to that time that I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  The first operation resulted in a partial hysterectomy and the news that having children might not be an option for me.  The doctors didn't tell you much about what was going on in those days, they just did what had to be done, and I found out more much later. Operations followed each year as more tumours returned, and this cycle continued for several years.  I can't remember how many years, as after each operation I just went back to the business of living my life and put that part behind me. It is amazing how when you are young you always feel bullet-proof, and as you don't have 'years of wisdom' you don't have the fears that attach. Eventually, any affected body parts were either removed or treated and I was cancer free.  Again, I just focused on life and forgot all about it.  I didn't even notice the terrible scars all over my stomach.  Life went on and I continued in my adventures!

Over 20 years passed with only little annoyances, and I was again at the hospital for another health related problem when they found that I again had cancer.  Being older and wiser, this wisdom brought greater fear.  My life became a roller coaster of feeling good one minute to feeling frightful the next.  I was returning to hospital each three months to have new tumours removed and all the specialist appointments and other problems that goes with it all.  Being the survivor that I am, I tend to compartmentalise everything and try not to focus on my health when I don't have to.  Having had no one around daily to complain to, things just became a different type of 'normal' and the majority of people around me had no idea that anything was wrong.  Make-up is a wonderful concealer, and if anything, I just looked very tired - which of course I was.  I only get frustrated when there are things that I can't do now for one reason or another, or things that I used to be able to do quickly that now take me days ... (this website being a perfect example - it took MONTHS and MONTHS to get this far... days to do just a page!)

Like many of my previous health challenges, I just tried to busy myself in living, and find ways to overcome any obstacles.  Which is how this website started to form in my mind.

My professional life has been very varied over the years and I have reinvented myself often.  In the later part I have been a training provider and course author, covering areas as diverse as corporate, community service and the disabilities in a vast range of subjects.  I was founder of Hope After A Suicide - Free Support Groups for adolescents who had lost a parent or sibling to suicide.   There was nothing like this available 15 years ago to support my nephew when he needed it, so I decided that after time passed and I could distance myself from my only sister's death, that I would get the required training necessary to start a free support group for adolescents who found themselves in the same situation my nephew had.  Years later, and with my nephew's blessing, I did just that.  I also brought this to the attention of various agencies and now there are several of these groups available and I was able to move on to other things.  I mention this now only by way of saying that I am used to tackling the hard issues, and when I see a need for something I just go ahead and fulfil that void. I am a 'take charge' and 'make it happen' sort of person.  By the way, my nephew Adam is doing very well and two years ago presented me with my great-nephew, Liam - who of course is the most perfect baby ever born, since Adam.  So we are now three generations: Liam; Adam; and me.  My little family.  

As for me ... as I tell everyone "I'm just fine." and really I am!  I do have my 'moments' but fortunately my Birman Seal Point cat, Toulouse, is always handy for a cuddle and to make me smile and I am blessed with wonderful, wonderful friends.  It benefits nobody, least of all me, to focus on what 'might' happen with all of the associated problems, so I live in the moment; smile often; laugh out loud a lot; and spend as much quality time as possible with Adam, Liam and my friends ... and well, LIVE! 

There you have a 'snap shot' of my life to date, leading to the reason for this site.  My life has been full of challenges, adventure, learning, fun, growing, growing and more growing, evolving into the person typing this.  I have always been a survivor and turned negatives into positives.  I have never believed anyone who has told me that something 'can't be done' and it takes a very brave person to ever tell me "NO".  I think that this website is a positive step, and hopefully is the right direction for you too.  Through the computer screen we are all handsome/beautiful, looking fab-u-ous and are in control, feeling great.  I am feeling fine with all of my wheatgrass, juices etc and I hope that you will too! Report back to me the positive effects these things have had on your life.  Even if it is just the new routine you have fallen into growing your own trays of wheatgrass.  It had a great effect on me, and led from reading Dr Walker's books, juicing living juices ... and so it goes on ... to this website.

With your help I hope that this site will be of real benefit to many people.  With my background in business, training, writing, research and support I intend to make this site a living identity that is utilised and enjoyed by as many people as possible.  With your help it will be.  

Please share your journey with the rest of us, and the positive - or witty - stories that you have experienced during your progress.  Let's inspire each other and Rekindle our Zest 4 Health and our ...  passion 4 life!

~ Tina



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