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Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filtration System

See the immediate benefits to your health (drinking), your hair and body (showering), your clothes (washing), even your pets!!  The list of benefits is endless!



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Four Stages of Filtration







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Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter(EQ-300) 


Description:  By filtering all the water that enters your home, you not only greatly enhance the health of your household water, but you also dramatically improve your indoor air quality. According to the U.S. EPA, “Every home in America has an elevated level of chloroform gas present, due to the vaporisation of chlorine…from tap and shower water.”

Chlorine vapours are a suspected cause and irritant of respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. Filtered water will benefit every aspect of your
family’s health. This is probably the most valuable and beneficial home appliance you can own.  The Aquasana Whole House Filtration System is the ultimate home appliance!  Have healthy water flowing throughout the entire household for about $1.00 a day!  This deluxe, high capacity system has been awarded the  highest certified capacity of any Whole House Water Filtration System in America!  The Three Stage Filtration Process supplies the most pure of water, and comes complete with Main Filter Unit, Pre-Filter, Installation Kit and required hardware.  Typical installation is 1-2 hours by a licenced plumber.

The Rhino Wholehouse Water Filtration System  features include:

*  Patented four-stage process filters out chlorine, bad taste, sediment and odours as water enters your home. Provides bottled water quality from every outlet of your home.
*  Filters water at a rate of 30 litres per minute. Means good pressure even when 3 people shower at once in separate bathrooms of the house. Sediment pre-filter needs changing as needed, every 3-6 months.
*  System comes with filter unit, installation kit, ball valve and pre-filter and all necessary hardware. Proper installation requires a total line length of 610mm for the pre-filter and ball valve assembly.
*  To install, requires a licensed plumber. 
Typically takes 1-2 hours.
*  Main filter easily replaced without a plumber once x 3 years.

How does the EQ-300 Whole House Water Filtration System work? What are its 4 stages?

Stage 1
The sediment pre-filter uses a replaceable cartridge that mechanically filters down to five microns. This important stage filters the sediment that may be in the water supply, so that it doesn’t clog the main filter, and thus reduce water flow and/or filter life.

Stage 2
A natural media made of zinc and copper where granules are fused together by the process of water atomisation. This combination creates an active filtration method, possessing a characteristic known as redox potential. This can alter the molecular structure of chlorine, and turn it into a harmless zinc chloride.

Stage 3
Contains a large granule bituminous activated carbon for improved filtration. This media is recognised by the U.S. EPA as the ‘Best available technology for water filtration’.

Stage 4
Contains a small granule coconut shell based activated carbon, for an expanded surface area. This provides the highest reaction kinetics, and absorptive capacity.

Typical installation is 1-2 hours by a licensed plumber which will cost between $100 to $200. The main filter unit is easily replaced, no plumber needed, every 3 years for only $790 (we are able to supply you with this), that's less than $300.00 a year to have clean, healthy water flowing from every outlet in your home. 

It's the most valuable and beneficial home appliance you can own. 

Price:  AU$1250.00 Incl GST

Aquasana Special Pack Price: AU$299.00 Incl GST 

Replacement Filter for Rhino (EQ-300) Price: AU$790.00 Incl GST

Freight: Call for freight charges throughout Australia.  International freight by arrangement.


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Aquasana Special!!

Give someone you love the gift of pure water in the kitchen and the shower with this Special Aquasana Package

You get the Aquasana Counter Top AND Aquasana Shower Water Filtration Systems at a discounted price. The Aquasana Special combines 2 of the most unique and beneficial products available anywhere into a value added package with extra savings. You get the Number 1 rated AQ-4000 Dual-Filter Counter Top Drinking Water System and the AQ-4100 Shower Filtration System, (voted "Product Of The Year" by Cosmotology Today Magazine) 

The 2 filter systems sold separately total AU$324.00 when ordered as the "Aquasana Special Pack” you save AU$25.00!