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   Dr Norman Walker

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AU$10.00 Freight - within Australia - for a limited time! 

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Dr N Walker's Books

More Information on Dr Walker's Book Range more info ...

Description:  Dr. Norman Walker is the longest-lived, widely-known raw-foodist of the modern era. Thousands upon thousands of people credit Dr. Walker's live-vegetable-juice therapy for healing them of "incurable" diseases.  We have selected what we consider to be his best books, and offer them individually, or in a set of seven for our special price! 

Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Juices Go to Fresh Vegetables & Fruit Juices
Become Younger
*  Pure & Simple Weight Control
Colon Health 
The Natural Way to Vibrant Health
The Vegetarian Guide To Diet & Salad
Water Can Undermine Your Health 

Learn more about this fascinating man by reading his story,  and an overview of his Program.  Or go to our Juice Therapy page and find out  more about  Juice Therapy.

Price incl GST:  AU$19.50 each or AU$115.00 for set of 7 books. PLEASE ADJUST POSTAGE AMOUNT WHEN PAYING
Freight: AU$10.00 each  AU$15.00 for set of 7 books.

Book Titles:

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Dr Sandra Cabot

  B O N U S !  

AU$10.00 Freight - within Australia - for a limited time! 


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Dr Sandra Cabot's Books

Dr Sandra Cabot's Book Range more info ...

Description:  Dr Sandra Cabot has had a varied and exciting career. and remains a protagonist of women's rights and a pioneer in women's health. Dr Cabot's passion for health and the well being has led her to write over 10 popular health books including the best-selling "The Liver Cleansing Diet". Here you can purchase some of her insightful health books.
*  Raw Juices Can Save Your Life AU$20.00
*  The Liver Cleansing Diet AU$21.95
*  You Could Have Syndrome X AU$24.95
*  The Ultimate Detox AU$24.95

Price: Assorted. Inc GST Please see Dr Cabot's more info ... page.
Freight: AU$10.00

Your Body's Many Cries For Water

  B O N U S !  

AU$10.00 Freight - within Australia - for a limited time! 

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Your Body's Many Cries For Water
by Dr F. Batmanghelid

Learn more about Dr Batmanghelidj, as well as full details on this remarkable book. more info ...

Description:  You are not sick, you are thirsty!  For those who prefer to adhere to natural and simple medicine, this is the book for you.  It is a preventative and self education manual.  Water can help to prevent and reverse premature aging, eliminate pains, lose weight effortlessly, plus many more benefits.  This book explains the damaging effects of dehydration.

Price Incl GST: AU$24.95 Freight: AU$10.00


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