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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp


Unbelievable health giving - and beauty - properties!


Unbeatable Value! Pay more than twice as much for these authentic Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps elsewhere!







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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps



NEW wholesale priced product range!

We have a new importer and are able to offer a complete range of Salt Crystal Lamps at WHOLESALE PRICES!


EVERY purchase of Salt Crystal Lamps from 
www.TheUniverseWithinUs.com/  receives these three FREE gifts available for immediate download.  R H Jarrett's "It Works!" in audio and eBook format, and Dale Carnegie's 
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Gifts - It Works and How to Win Friends and Influence People


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Let us deliver your gift and write YOUR message on the card!

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We can deliver a lamp anywhere in Australia at 
NO ADDITIONAL FREIGHT CHARGE TO YOU!  Just give us the delivery address and what you would like us to write in the card.  
It is as easy as that!
Save money, time and petrol.


Description:  250 million year old Himalayan Salt Crystals have been known for improving air qualities by enriching the air with negative ions - the "Vitamins Of The Air", thus enhancing your well being and improving your health. Salt Crystal Lamps naturally improve the quality of air we breathe by neutralizing the positive ions generated by electrical devices.  

The modern world today involves the production of positive air particles or ions immensely creating an imbalance in the entire environment in which we live and breathe. Cigarette fumes, transmission networks, electrical transmission lines, satellites, electrical equipment and appliances like television sets, computers, and mobile phones produce these positive ions.

These positive ions can penetrate deep down our lungs and can cause us to feel tired, weak, and have weak immune system, lack of concentration, anxiety, migraines, psychological disturbances and lack of sleep, all kinds of respiratory tract problems, etc.

No life form can exist if there is no balance in the environment. The excessive positive ions must be balanced with the negative ions. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps just do that. The heat produced by the electrical bulb in the lamps releases the negative ions in the air. These lamps  absorb the excessive electromagnetic radiation produced by the electrical systems. 

The surrounding environment relaxes a soul comparable to the relaxation achieved on a sea beach or on a hilly terrain. Further more, the salt crystals have a positive effect on the being and existence of surrounding life forms. These have been used for many years in the Europe for curing lung related disorders. 

Salt has the natural property to absorb moisture from the surroundings and get wet. Lighting the Himalayan Salt Crystal  Lamps dries the salt crystal. If it is used in an exceptionally humid area then it must be dried everyday with a clean absorbent cloth. The lamp therefore improves the atmosphere by creating a healthy environment 

Our 250 million year old Himalayan Salt Crystals have been compressed over time by great mountainous mass to form a crystal matrix. This results in a much higher life force field, since crystallization is nature's way of storing energy. Himalayan Salt Crystals are one of the most powerful enhancers of life force thereby supporting a greater self-healing capacity of the body

Even though they are not a "medical device", Salt Crystal Lamps, by emitting negative ions, significantly reduce a myriad of indoor air pollutants.

Apart from Air Ionization and the production of Negative Ions, salt lamps illuminated by a small light bulb, produce a natural glow of different colours and shades, ranging from orange to yellow, and are therefore also beautiful, pleasant to the eyes, mind and a soul ornament. 

No two are alike! Each authentic Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp varies slightly in shape and weight ranges. Each lamp comes with replaceable bulb and cord with on/off switch and includes a stylish wooden base.

for our new Salt Crystal Lamp range and WHOLESALE PRICES.

Price:  From AU$8.60 (All Prices Incl GST and are in Australian dollars) Priced Per Size Range:

1.5-2kg AU$70.00; 

2-3kg AU$82.00;
3-6kg AU$95.00;
6-8kg AU$125.00;
8-12kg AU$160.00;
12-15 kg AU$175.00;
15-20kg AU$185.00;
20-25kg AU$225.00;
25-40 kg AU$251.00

Door-to-door courier freight Australia wide.  All products will be delivered by courier, so please provide a delivery address where someone will be available to accept delivery when you finalise your order.  We aim to keep our freight costs to a minimum and they are calculated by the weight of your lamp.

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