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we only supply the highest quality products -  at wholesale prices for everyone. included in our range are: EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL NLP clinical HYPNOTHERAPY & HYPNOSIS CD's, PACKS & Systems - CLASSICAL BABY SLEEPS cd's - matched Personal development  audio & e-books - Himalayan salt lamps - restaurant quality Himalayan pink salt - sterling silver gemstone jewellery - CHAKRA Crystals CARDS, TUMBLED STONES & KITS - plus so much more. please follow the links to the left.   

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NLP Clinical Hypnotherapy CD  Range
has a full range of NLP Clinical Hypnotherapy CD's by
Tina J Costello
– NLP Masters, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, DTAS including:

The Confident You© Pack

Self-Love ~ Self-Confidence ~ Sleep CD

The Calmer You© Anxiety Disorders Pack

The Calmer You©
Anxiety Disorders Pack

The Slimmer You© System

The Slimmer You© Affirmations & Subliminal Messages Day & Night Set

I Now Choose to Live Smoke-Free© System


ALL of the Clinical Hypnotherapy CD range is available in CD or mp3 format which is posted out on disk. All CD's come with Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Explained eBook
by Tina J Costello

Click HERE to see our
full range. 


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