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While you are visiting please browse through our extensive professionally produced AUSTRALIAN Clinical Hypnotherapy CD Range where you will discover lots of freebies throughout...
Clinical Hypnotherapy CD Range

& our Baby Sleeps CD Range.

Our Baby CD's are the only available anywhere which contain a mother's heartbeat as well as the gentle slurry of the sounds Baby will remember from the womb.
These are the PERFECT gift for every new mother.



we only supply the highest quality products -  at wholesale prices for everyone. included in our range are: EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL NLP clinical HYPNOTHERAPY & HYPNOSIS CD's, PACKS & Systems - CLASSICAL BABY SLEEPS cd's - matched Personal development  audio & e-books - Himalayan salt lamps - restaurant quality Himalayan pink salt - sterling silver gemstone jewellery - CHAKRA Crystals CARDS, TUMBLED STONES & KITS - plus so much more. please follow the links to the left.   

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On ALL The Universe Within Us Product Range!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp,
Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewellery, or
Clinical Hypnotherapy CD Reseller/Distributor Opportunity


How to view flash video above


How to view flash video above

Are you interested in making some extra money without the expense of having 
money tied up in stock, and being 
burdened with deliveries?

Do you also want to deal directly with a company who will support you and ensure each sales transaction progresses smoothly?  And, most importantly, would like products of high quality which provide health benefits to the mind and body?  This might be just the opportunity you have been looking for.

We deliver throughout Australia, but that doesn't mean you have to live in Australia.  We have several international resellers who successfully sell our lamps from their websites - or auction sites - to Australian customers. 

FREE Gift Wrapping - Gift Card - Then posted direcly to the person of your choice.There is also the international 'gift' market of people who what to give a gift to friends or family in Australia.  They can purchase from you, and we will deliver it by courier safely to the Australian door.  If you provide the details, we will even include a gift card

Christmas is coming - 
prepare to increase your earnings now.


More than ever before people are concerned about the quality of their environment.  This is a 'booming' industry, and you could become part of the 'boom'.

If you think this would be something you would enjoy doing, please contact me via our contact page.


Please click HERE to view the complete range.


You may also be interested in selling our Gemstone Sterling Silver Jewellery Range

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Wishing you an abundance of everything you truly desire.


~ Tina

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