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About Tina and
The Universe 
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The letter of introduction written below was received with great thanks and touches on my experiences prior to nearly ten years ago. How quickly the years have passed.

Since then I have expanded my practice to include clinical hypnotherapy in a more formal aspect, and acquired my NLP Masters. Using Clinical Hypnotherapy - the combination of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - allows more effective results than either alone, which means that I am now able to help more people than originally anticipated when I first launched The Universe Within Us.

It has only been recent decision to offer some of the Clinical Hypnotherapy CD's I created for my private practice, for general sale on the website. The result has been nothing short of amazing and I intend to release some more in the near future. It is not my desire to turn The Universe Within Us into one of 'those' website offering 100's of Hypnotherapy CD's covering everything from a fear of ants, to a fear of everyone named John. I have no intention of becoming a 'specialist' in all, and a master of none. I AM a specialist in those I offer though, plus more. The CD's you will discover here are full and complete sessions, which have been proven successful with my personal clients, and now web clients, alike. It is rare that I will release a single CD alone, as most of my productions are Packs, or Systems, relating to a particular requirement. This is because my clients never only attend a short single session. So I have released a more comprehensive group of each to guarantee success in the shortest timeframe possible. 

To compensate for not being there personally, I have often provided books and resources I have written to accompany the CD's; which is why you will notice that many of them are Systems, or Packs. What I have created is unique and complete. I take great pride in this, and it is why I happily offer guarantees.

Why waste $10 here, and $10 there, buying cheap CD's online which you will never use, or only try once and throw in a draw? This won't be the case with my CD Systems. It is my desire to assist as many people as possible with quality products. Although I have affordably priced the Clinical Hypnotherapy CD's, I am well aware that there maybe those of you reading this who are suffering financial hardship. If this is the genuine case, please email me via the contact page (please don't phone) and explain your circumstance along with the Clinical Hypnotherapy CD's that you consider may help. I will then personally review your case, and if I see the genuine need, I will approved the sale at a reduced price. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to give them away, no matter how humble your circumstances are, as I have costs to cover too. But I don't want to deny you assistance if you really need it. As you will learn in the letter below, my background is in providing a 'hand-up' when needed and I extend this everywhere.

With that in mind, I also offer limited prepaid worldwide Skype-phone personal Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Sessions to those who really desire more personal contact along with the CD's. Again, this is offered on a 'need' basis as my time is limited. Again, you will be able to email me via the contact page. I feel I have more of an opportunity to assist more people via the CD's than I could ever be able to help in person, which is why I have released some of them.

Whatever your reason for visiting The Universe Within Us, I sincerely hope that we will be able to assist you, in one way, or the other. Whether you only take advantage of our many free gifts, or decide to make a purchase, I hope your visit will be a personally enjoyable experience and hope to welcome you back again soon.

Warm regards,

~ Tina


my letter Introducing Tina to you ~ From Richard Sinclair

 About  Tina J Costello - Tina Costello

Over the years Tina has helped thousands of people overcome challenges in their lives.  Her work has covered a vast area of people, businesses, and situations. 

Always wanting to be involved in community service, initially Tina worked with the intellectually disabled, and when she moved on to build her own successful training company, she still dedicated twenty-five percent of her business plan to this area.

She built a solid client base consisting of major corporate clients, colleges, universities and community service groups.  During this time she started writing, and developed a full range of training and workshop manuals to support the various specific training requirements of her clients, and has since written a growing collection of personal development and relationship books.

An active member of the community, she was made aware of the need for a free support group for adolescents who had lost a parent or sibling to suicide. After acquiring the necessary qualifications, Tina founded Hope After A Suicide to fill this void.  Due to her work in bringing this to the attention of other support providers, there is now a solid network of free support available for youth during this painful transition.  As usual, if Tina sees a situation of need, she goes out of her way to create a solution.

Her work with the disadvantaged continued when she accepted a full time contract with one of Australia's largest support organisations.  There she worked with the long-term unemployed providing skills and self-esteem training.  Many of the resources she used came from an acclaimed workshop she wrote in the early nineties; Live Your Best Self

While Tina was studying material to write Live Your Best Self, she came across the authors featured on this website.  Their natural, matter-of-fact approach to linking our thoughts to the quality of our lives seemed amazingly obvious to her.  She watched her clients who - almost proudly - confessed that if something bad was going to happen to anyone, it would happen to him or her. She listened as they described actual situations to support this belief.  These stories she was able to retell from a positive perspective; seeing all the opportunities and possibilities in exactly the same situation. 

Tina believes that we only experience life through our own perspective of reality.  Even identical twins, put in the same situation, can have completely different experiences.  The actual situation didn't change, only the way the person's thoughts towards the experience were different.  If your mind is conditioned to only see the negative, you will only see the negative.  It is the same for positive thoughts.  If your mind automatically looks for the positive situations that will serve you, you will see them everywhere.  As if by magic the world opens up to you.  Tina's clients are constantly amazed and excited by the results.  These new circumstances didn't appear by magic, they were there all the time; the person just couldn't see them. Having had contact with many of Tina's clients at the time, the feedback I received was glowing, and whatever she was doing was working.

When The Secret was launched, Tina contemplated writing another book providing the answers to the questions The Secret posed.  When she revisited the original authors work, she realised that nobody could explain it better than they could.

So The Universe Within Us was born.  This website aims to offer these remarkable books in a variety of ways.  Some people would never read them, but would listen to them and return to the book as a reference later.  

Wherever possible, things are provided free of charge, or as an added bonus. Each bundle contains things related to the featured author, or subject, and is priced to be affordable to all.  This exemplifies Tina's approach to every area of her life, especially in sharing knowledge.  She sincerely feels that all the information is out there in the Universe already, and if she is able to link it to as many people as possible, she is truly happy.

This letter only covers a few of the areas Tina has been involved during her career. I was proud when she approached me to write this brief introduction for her, as I have always known her as the type of person who gives more  than required in every situation.  The Universe Within Us is no exception.


Hon. Richard Sinclair
Federal Court of Australia
DOEHSA Canberra - Australia




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