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What is 'Living Juice'?

The concept of Living Juice was first introduced by Dr Norman Walker (1874-1983). Walker declared that the enzymes in fruit and vegetables DIE at temperatures which exceed 50 degrees celsius. Dr Walker said that any juice extractor which used a high speed blade or centrifuge, created friction heat leading to the destruction of enzymes. 

Enzymes are involved in every process of the body. Enzymes are the intangible living elements that act as the catalyst for innumerable chemical reactions within the body, promoting efficient assimilation and enabling the metabolic processes that support high levels of energy and promote good health. The complete regulatory system in the body depends on enzymes and suffers from their depletion. 

The major benefits of living juice are that vital enzymes and nutrients remain intact and are utilised by the body within minutes. A living juice is nutritionally far superior and will last for many hours in the refrigerator. 

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