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Wheatgrass FAQ's - Advice from my expert supplier.

1. Can I cut and use wheatgrass a second time?

2. Which juicer is best for me?

3. My wheatgrass has mould! – how do I get rid of it? Is it dangerous if mould is in my juice?

4. How do I know that the wheatgrass is 100% organic?

5. How much wheatgrass juice should I drink?

6. Can I still use wheatgrass while I am pregnant/breast feeding?

7. What if I am allergic to Gluten?

8. I’ve tried wheatgrass before and it made me feel sick. Why?

9. Can I use grow-lights or is natural sunlight better?

10. Do I need to wash wheatgrass before I use it? 

My wheatgrass keeps on growing after the first harvest. Can I cut and use wheatgrass a second time?
Most of the nutrients in the soil are used up in the first growth so the second growth will be nutrient deficient. You may have noticed that the second growth can be a lighter, more yellow colour meaning that there are fewer nutrients left in the soil.
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Which juicer is best for me?
To help you decide which wheatgrass juicer suits your needs best refer to more detailed information at Which Juicer 4 Me? and our Juicer Range Comparison Chart.
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My wheatgrass has mould! – how do I get rid of it? Is it dangerous if mould is in my juice?
Mould growth is very common when growing wheatgrass. Because the shoots are grown very close together the moist conditions at the base of the shoots are the perfect environment for mould to grow, especially in the warmer times of the year. As annoying as it may be, mould that grows on wheatgrass has been found to be harmless to humans and when you are ready to juice you can cut above the affected areas.
* One method you can use to reduce mould growth is to use the best wheat grain. Sprout Organic Wheatgrass is constantly testing new varieties of certified organic and biodynamic wheats which are less prone to mould. 
* Keep your wheatgrass in a well ventilated position.
* On the hotter days i.e. temperatures over 30ºc, perhaps move the tray inside or to the coolest place available.
* Avoid soaking the seed for too long during hotter days.
* Avoid over watering.
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How do I know that the wheatgrass is 100% organic?
Because wheatgrass is something that you take to help with your overall health and wellbeing, wheatgrass should not be subjected to any toxic pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilisers which put harmful toxins into your body. 
We go to great lengths to grow you the best quality organic wheatgrass in Australia. We have taken the step of becoming certified organic by NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture in Australia), so that you can be assured that we are only using products that are free of any toxins or chemicals. Our wheat  is  certified organic, our trays are made of food grade quality plastic which most of the wheatgrass suppliers around Australia do not worry about, and it is grown in an organic, sustainable way, under regulation by NASAA.
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How much wheatgrass juice should I drink?
We recommend you start with 30mls of wheatgrass juice followed with a glass of water for the first few days. Once you are comfortable with this you can increase the amount up to 60mls, eg. 30mls twice a day. Wheatgrass has a strong cleansing effect and may make you nauseous if you start with too much.

Experienced users may drink up to 230mls per day, and therapeutic doses for treating serious illness may require 230 – 900 mls per day.

Ideally it is best to drink the juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wheatgrass juice is assimilated into the blood in about 20 minutes, and the vitality lasts throughout the day. 
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Can I still use wheatgrass while I am pregnant/breast feeding?
From experience we can say that using wheatgrass during pregnancy and during breast feeding has been completely safe. Wheatgrass is of course high in folate (a B group vitamin), which is important during both pregnancy and breastfeeding for growth and development of the baby.  Every case is different and if you are unsure consult your doctor or naturopath for more information.
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What if I am allergic to Gluten?
Although wheatgrass is grown from a grain, it has been completely transformed into a vegetable and so is absolutely non-allergenic. Make sure that you don’t include any of the grain when you juice your wheatgrass.
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I’ve tried wheatgrass before and it made me feel sick. Why?
Because wheatgrass is a strong toxic cleanser, if you haven’t taken wheatgrass before, or for quite a while, it can release too many toxins from your cells into your bloodstream too quickly. The idea is to start slowly, perhaps with 30mls/day, followed by a glass of water, and then slowly increase maybe to 60mls/day, ie twice a day.

If you are still feeling nauseous after 1-2 weeks after drinking wheatgrass, reduce the quantity, or stop using.
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Can you use grow-lights or is natural sunlight better?
Wheatgrass doesn’t like full sunlight but still needs a good light source to photosynthesise and produce chlorophyll. Artificial Greenhouse lights have improved over the years however they cannot replace the powers of natural sunlight. Not only is sunlight free, it provides more energy than artificial light can.
We grow our wheatgrass using only natural, filtered sunlight.
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Do I need to wash wheatgrass before I use it?
We have never washed our wheatgrass before harvesting. Rinsing the cut grass however may help clean off any mould that may have grown. (which is a common problem encountered when growing wheatgrass.) 
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